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Pilatus Engine - P&W - PT6A-67P

Pilatus engine

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Pratt & Whitney

S/N PCE-RY0698

QEC Engine With Complete Maintenance Logbooks

130.5 TSN

68 CSN

Flight Logs

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This 2016 Pilatus NG aircraft landed short of the approach end of an elevated runaway. The abrupt concrete approach end of the runway is 8–10 feet above the water.  The Main Landing Gear were sheared out from under it on impact and the Nose Landing Gear folded up under the fuselage.  The nose lowered and sheered the propeller blades off.  The aircraft and or engine did not get wet, it skidded to a stop in the grass next to the runway. It is a free turbine PT6A-67P engine and will require an inspection of the hotend. 

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    -Garrett GTCP 36-100

Honeywell P/N 380302-1-2

Engine With Complete Logbooks

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    Garrett TFE 731-3-1K Engine -SOLD-
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